Thanks To Our Rockets Volunteer Program Sponsor:

Thank You For Your Interest in Volunteering with Us!

Volunteers play an integral role in making our mission possible.

Every year, hundreds of volunteers generously donate their time to work alongside with our spirited trainees, plan our fabulous special fundraisers, or assist our instructors in the classrooms.

We would not have been able to provide as many job opportunities to our trainees without the help of our wonderful and dedicated volunteers.

Volunteering with The H.E.A.R.T. Program is a rewarding experience, and we are always in need of compassionate, enthusiastic volunteers!

Please scroll down to learn more about our different volunteer opportunities.

If you have any questions or special project ideas that you want to partner with us, please contact our Volunteer Manager at volunteer@heartprogram.org or 713-692-4278.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Emergency Preparedness Series (Virtual)

Help with putting together lesson plans, teaching a topic on emergency preparedness on Zoom, sharing your expertise on preparing for an emergency on Zoom, or recruiting other volunteers for H.E.A.R.T.’s new Emergency Preparedness Series.  July-December 2021 only!


Cashiering and helping H.E.AR.T. to manage our food and beverage booths at various sporting events or festivals.

Minimum age is 18-year-old.  TABC certificate may be required.  Great for groups (5+ people).

Fundraising Events

Assisting our efforts in raising funds for H.E.A.R.T. at annual fundraiser events, such as soliciting auction donations for Happy Hour, overseeing contest holes at Golf Tournament, to selling raffle tickets at Luncheon.

Office Work
(currently on an as-needed basis due to COVID-19)

Providing support in various administrative or clerical tasks (e.g. data entry, filing, reception, mailing project) at the H.E.A.R.T. office.

Need adult chaperone if under 16-year-old.

For more information, please contact volunteer@heartprogram.org.

Pizza Preparation

Making pizza inside the Papa John’s kitchens alongside our trainees.  Volunteers will be taught every step of prepping an 8” personal Papa John’s pizza.

Minimum age is 16-year-old. Individuals or small groups (2-4 people) are preferred.

For more information, please contact volunteer@heartprogram.org.

Classroom-In Person
(currently on an as-needed basis due to COVID-19)

Assisting the special education instructors with the classroom lessons and activities.  Monday-Thursday only.

Must be referred or have (special) education experience.

For more information, please contact volunteer@heartprogram.org.

(currently on an as-needed basis due to COVID-19)

Helping with inventory/requisition vending machine products in the warehouse.  Monday-Thursday only.

Need adult chaperone if under 16-year-old.  Great for groups (20 people or less).

For more information, please contact volunteer@heartprogram.org.

Mandated Community Service

Individuals who receive a court order to perform community service, please contact our Volunteer Manager at 713-692-4278 or volunteer@heartprogram.org for more information.

Please note that due to COVID-19, sign-ups are currently being accepted on an as-needed basis.